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HEMIS_4104886 - France, Vaucluse (84), Sault, champs de lavande - MONTICO Lionel / Hemis.fr

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Palm Springs: California Road Trip by Gil GIUGLIO

Our photographer Gil Giuglio invites us on a journey in a jeep and Silver Bullet caravan in the Greater Palm Springs region of California, from Ridgecrest made famous by the filming of Top Gun, to Palm Springs via Death Valley, the Mojave Indian ...

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7PLIS: The green start-up that has a lot on the board by Vincent DAMARIN

Founded in 2016 by Florent Baraban, the company 7PLIS started from the outset in the manufacture of maple glasses from the recycling of skateboard decks. A great enthusiast of this sport and holder of an optician-eyewear diploma, the ...

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The Kings of the Air by Pascal AVENET

Who hasn't wished one day to fulfill Icarus' dream and manage to rise in the air, free as a bird? This dream as old as the dawn of time has of course no longer the same scope today with the development of modern air transport which makes it possible ...

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Eiffel Aerodynamics: A breathtaking laboratory by Bertrand GARDEL

While we are going to celebrate the centenary of the disappearance of Gustave Eiffel, who would imagine that a laboratory, created by the brilliant engineer in 1912, could cross the century until reaching us in perfect working order. And yet, this ...

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Favorites, March 2023

Stop on Images : a selection of the latest productions by Hemis photographers.

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Caillebotte Vegetable garden: The passion of a garden painter by Carmen BAREA

"In 1877, Gustave Caillebotte painted one of his emblematic paintings: The Gardeners. The painter loved handling his brushes as much as working the earth. An authentic garden painter. The first time I saw Caillebotte's work at the museum d'Orsay, I ...

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Chédigny : It is an extraordinary garden! par Pascal AVENET

The only village in France to have obtained the coveted label of remarkable garden, Chédigny has gradually metamorphosed at the end of the 1990s with its streets planted with a thousand roses, nearly three hundred varieties of shrubs, three ...

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Gardens of Giverny: The perpetual paradise of Claude Monet

The gardens of Claude Monet's house in Giverny are today a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. For 43 years the painter created an original garden that was a powerful source of inspiration. Visiting this place allows to ...

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Croatia: The Secrets of the Golden Horn by Bertrand RIEGER

A navigation to discover islands as magnificent as they are unknown aboard the Ave Maria on the Dalmatian coast from Dubrovnik to Split, two jewels of cities stamped Unesco. It all starts with the discovery of Dubrovnik with its marvels of ...

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Montreal: Open-air museum by Philippe RENAULT

Today there are hundreds of them and their number continues to increase. Montreal has become a go-to destination for street art featuring monumental murals. From graffiti to stencil, from mosaic to collage, from installations to murals, street art ...

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Sine Saloum, the enchanted paradise of Senegal by Guillaume SOULARUE

South of Dakar, the Sine Saloum delta spreads a gentle serenity over its mangroves, islands, migratory bird sanctuaries and traditional bush villages. The shellfish island of Fadiouth and its famous cemetery where Catholic and Muslim tombs coexist ...

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Vietnam: The Northern Roads

Vietnam: the roads of the North

From its northern borders close to the Chinese and Laotian borders to its famous Ha Long Bay, northern Vietnam deploys a territory 600 kilometers wide and crisscrossed by the Black River and the Red River. ...

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