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Cadiz: The beautiful Andalusia in the mild winter by Guillaume SOULARUE

Cadiz dethroned Seville, which had a monopoly on trade with the West Indies, and had its golden age in the 18th century. The city is famous for its urban beach and its alleys lined with bars and restaurants, as well as its sumptuous houses flanked ...

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Provence: Art in the chapel by Françoise SPIEKERMEIER

Matisse, Picasso, Cocteau, Chagall, Frank Stella, Bernar Venet... Without being iconoclastic but with colors, many artists breathe new life into religious buildings. Creating spectacle and emotion, they project their vision, raising these places of ...

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Al Ula: Wonder of Arabia by Tuul and Bruno MORANDI

A new wind is blowing in Saudi Arabia which wants to make Al Ula the new showcase of its openness to the world. Long forbidden for religious reasons, rediscovered by the English writer Charles Doughty in 1876, the site of Hegra, listed as world ...

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France: Unusual habitats

You thought that sleeping in the cockpit of an airplane was impossible, that contemplating the sea from your room located in a lighthouse 25m above the ground was an inaccessible dream or that being awakened by the grunts of a group of brown bear in ...

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Megève, an alpine farm transformed into a chic and comfortable chalet by Christophe ROUFFIO

An old farm relieved of its agricultural past is, today, a chic and comfortable address. This chalet with its impressive volume, enhanced by a refined decoration, is the ideal place for a holiday in the snow.

A special feature by Christophe ...

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Favorites, November 2022

Stop on Images : a selection of the latest productions by Hemis photographers.

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1223-2023: The Philippe Auguste enclosure, the Paris of the King builder by Bertrand GARDEL

As the 3rd Crusade began, King Philippe Auguste, known as "The Great" (1165-1223) perceived the need to protect Paris, for fear of Anglo-Norman invasions that the Plantagenêt family could foment. The construction of the wall began in 1190 and took ...

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Louis XV: The Beloved King exhibited at Versailles by Arnaud CHICUREL

If clandestine and morally offensive affairs brought opprobrium to the "Beloved King", nickname given to Lous XV after his miraculous recovery in 1744, he left the country more prosperous than when he was born and embellished many monuments. The ...

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Vegetable garden Caillebotte: The passion of a garden painter by Carmen BAREA

"In 1877, Gustave Caillebotte painted one of his emblematic paintings: The Gardeners. The painter loved handling his brushes as much as working the earth. An authentic garden painter. The first time I saw Caillebotte's work at the museum d'Orsay, I ...

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Chédigny : It is an extraordinary garden! par Pascal AVENET

The only village in France to have obtained the coveted label of remarkable garden, Chédigny has gradually metamorphosed at the end of the 1990s with its streets planted with a thousand roses, nearly three hundred varieties of shrubs, three thousand ...

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Gardens of Giverny: The perpetual paradise of Claude Monet

The gardens of Claude Monet's house in Giverny are today a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. For 43 years the painter created an original garden that was a powerful source of inspiration. Visiting this place allows to ...

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Mongolia : The Eagles Sons by Tuul et Bruno MORANDI

As shown by some rock carvings, the horsemen of the steppes of the high plateaus of Central Asia have been practicing eagle hunting for millennia. The Secret History of the Mongols, a work describing the life of Genghis Khan, depicts the Universal ...

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