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HEMIS_3506509 - France, Bouches-du-Rhône (13), Aix-en-Provence, Fondation Vasarely - MATTES René / hemis.fr

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France : The great stables of Chantilly are 300 years old

The Domaine de Chantilly's large stables are celebrating their 300th anniversary this year. Built in 1719 on the orders of Louis XIV's grandson, Louis Henri de Bourbon, this real palace for horses, the largest in Europe, is a jewel of ...

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France: The splendours of the Basque Country

Its colours are red and white, its tongue makes it a homeland, its coasts are the delight of surfers and its green valleys shelter solid stone villages: the Basque Country never ceases to surprise those who travel through it. We are surprised by it, ...

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France: Cordouan, the Versailles of the sea

It is called "the lighthouse of kings and the king of lighthouses". Cordoba is the oldest of the French lighthouses. Commissioned by Henri III from the architect Louis de Foix and completed 25 years later in 1611 under the reign of Louis XIII, it is ...

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Favorites, August 2019

Like every month, holiday or not, Hemis' tireless photographer-travellers reveal to us the world as they see it... and it's beautiful!

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France: Southern Lands listed as World Heritage by UNESCO

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) is the 45th French UNESCO World Heritage site and by far the largest with 673.000 km2.
It takes a certain amount of persistence to decide, against all reasonableness, to maintain a human presence ...

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Paris: GR 2024, the loop is closed

Inaugurated just two years ago to celebrate the organisation of the Olympic Games in France, the GR 2024 allows you to discover Paris in a new light. The 50 km loop links 70 natural areas within the city walls and several sports facilities ...

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