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HEMIS_3864611 - Grèce, Les Cyclades, île de Naxos, péninsule d'Akylo, plage de Pyrgarki (vue aérienne) - KIEKOWSKI Anton / Hemis.fr

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France: Villeurbanne, French Capital of Culture 2021

For the first time, the Ministry of Culture has awarded the label of French Capital of Culture to Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon. This announcement is accompanied by funding of one million euros which should help artistic creation and develop public ...

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A tour of France by bike

There is no doubt that cycling is a trend: there are plenty of bike rides and hikes in France. Greenways, small hidden roads, towpaths or wine routes allow, at a more leisurely pace, to appreciate landscapes, villages, monuments and castles, ...

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Italy: 1321-2021, in the footsteps of Dante

A luminous and energetic genius, Dante Alighieri, poet, philosopher and political thinker, was an unbeatable force. He was the first to sign a poem in the vernacular, and his clear representations of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise in The Divine Comedy ...

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Amazing Paris by Tuul et Bruno MORANDI

Seen from the ground, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but rarely does it reveal itself from above. Like birds, Tuul and Bruno Morandi, thanks to their drone, were able to look higher and reveal the French capital by capturing ...

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1621-2021: Jean de la Fontaine by Bertrand RIEGER

This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of the poet Jean de la Fontaine, the author of the fables that made him famous and that, still today, are considered one of the greatest masterpieces of French literature. Inspired by Aesop, ...

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France, Provence, Vaucluse, Bonnieux, Mas of the Horseshoe by Pascale et Bruno Boigontier

For a large tribe in search of a place of reunion, the architect Hugues Bosc imagined this splendid provencal bastide that seems authentic ! The specialist in the renovation and creation of Provencal farmhouses according to the rules of the art has ...

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France county: Ile de France

The Ile de France may embrace Paris, but it remains a region unjustly misunderstood despite its virtues: on the natural side, it is the countryside near the city and on the cultural side, it is a string of historical sites and artistic ...

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France county: Reunion island and Mayotte island

On Reunion Island, nature explodes from all sides: lagoons, peaks, cliffs, cirques and volcanoes make the beauty of the Bourbon Island which reveals its richness, also, thanks to the incredible mix of its population. Further away, Mayotte the ...

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France county: Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana

Whether Caribbean or Amazonian, these three French regions are territories that make the traveler dream. Rocked by the trade winds, Guadeloupe and Martinique reveal their sandy beaches, their volcanoes and their villages at the end of the world. ...

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Favorites, April 2021

Arrêt sur images : une sélection des dernières productions des photographes d'Hemis.

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France: Tours, the good health of apprenticeship by Pascal AVENET

Youth employment is not doing well, particularly due to the coronavirus crisis. Yet despite this, apprenticeship figures are breaking records. Over the whole of 2020, 495,000 contracts have been signed, which represents an increase of almost 40% ...

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Believers by Andrea PISTOLESI

This gallery of images by Andrea PISTOLESI is the culmination of a twenty-year project. This long period of research has strengthened her conviction that faith, both individual and collective, responds to a need shared by all humanity. Precepts, ...

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