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HEMIS_4229678 - France, Finist?re (29), Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise, Parc Naturel R?gional d'Armorique, Crozon, Camaret-sur-Mer, Plage de Pen-Hat - GERAULT Gregory / hemis.fr

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La Routo: transhumance on foot in the Alps by Pierre WITT

It's first of all a state of mind, it's also keeping a tradition alive, finally it's economic...Patricia and Adrien, each breeder, pool their herd, 900 heads, to redo as each beginning of the mountain pasture season, transhumance on foot from the ...

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Mer de Glace: Les Grottus by Monica DALMASSO

They are the Grottus. They are the members of the Claret family who, since 1946 and from generation to generation, have inherited a mission as trying as it is magical: to dig the Mer de Glace cave by sculpting 300-year-old ice, which dates from the ...

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Mont-Blanc Massif: The energy of glaciers by Monica DALMASSO

Majestic, the Mont-Blanc massif is a common good for three countries. Its richness goes beyond these landscapes alone, where verticality reigns supreme, to the delight of mountain guides and mountaineers. 30,000 people tread these eternal snows ...

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Benin's living dead by Eric LAFFORGUE

40% of the world's twins are born in Africa. Benin's Fon people have one of the highest occurrences at 1 in 20 births. The high rate of infant mortality and voodoo religion. But the high mortality rate has contributed to a special twin belief system ...

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Favorites, August 2022

Stop on Images : a selection of the latest productions by Hemis photographers.

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Dams of the World: On the shoulders of giants

A round-the-world tour of dams that are an alternative and renewable source of energy, derived from the energy of large watersheds such as lakes or rivers. If some dams stand out for their exceptional dimensions or the sublime environment in which ...

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2012-2022: Happy Birthday Higgs Boson!

Ten years ago on July 4, 2012, all eyes were on CERN, the European organization for nuclear research. The announcement is major. It is no less than the experimental confirmation of the existence of a hitherto theoretical particle and which explains ...

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The Vogalonga of Venice: The dream of the Cher boatmen by Pascal AVENET

The Vogalonga is a rowing regatta over a course of about 32 km in the lagoon of Venice. It was born in 1975 in protest against the damage caused to the city by motorboats. Around 1,800 boats and 8,000 rowers take part each year. Following a bet at ...

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Tautavel: Two young archaeologists cut their teeth by Patrick AVENTURIER

Camille and Valentin, two young apprentice archaeologists, have discovered the oldest human fossil ever identified in France. This is a tooth that belonged to a pre-Neanderthal 550,000 years ago. Besides the age of Camille and Valentin, 16 and 20 ...

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Oman: Jewel of the Orient

With its 3000 km of coastline, the Sultanate of Oman is a land turned towards the sea. But its paradisiacal beaches are not its only beauty: the infinite desert of Rub Al Khali, the Hajar mountains, and its oases at the foot of the canyon, Moscate ...

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Alsace: Bergheim, favorite village of the French 2022

The village of Bergheim, in the north of the Haut-Rhin in Alsace, has been voted favorite village of the French in 2022. Bergheim succeeds Sancerre, in the Cher. This is the fourth victory for an Alsatian village since 2013. Bergheim is not lacking ...

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The Cluny Museum gets a makeover by Bertrand GARDEL

The Cluny Museum, dedicated to the History of the Middle Ages, reopened its doors on May 12, 2022. The building, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, is one of the only buildings that still bear witness to medieval civil architecture. in ...

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