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HEMIS_4098702 - Banc de barracudas sombres, Sphyraena qenie, Mary Island, Îles Salomon, Océanie - imageBROKER/ hemis.fr

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France: Bread and bonding by Pascal AVENET

After spending several years abroad as a French teacher, then cycling around Latin America, Gaëtan Raguin became a baker. He makes his sourdough bread once a week using local organic flours and bakes it over a wood fire in a collective bakery. He ...

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France: Auvergne, on the ancestral lands of the Bourbons by Bertrand RIEGER

In the bocage of the Allier, a few tens castles have kept the memory of the former duchy of the Bourbons, a powerful state established between the 13th and 16th centuries which covered almost the entire Auvergne. Through matrimonial alliances, eight ...

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Mangroves: Precious forests of the sea

Every year on July 26, the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem is celebrated. It is estimated that 150,000 km2 of the world's coasts and estuaries are covered by mangroves. Between land and sea, this vital and complex ...

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Papua New Guinea: The Feathered Man Waltz by Marc DOZIER

Every year, the tribes of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea peacefully confront each other during great tribal jousts where everyone competes in beauty with their feather ornaments. An age-old art form that has endured despite the growing influence ...

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Spain: Canaries, like an air of freedom by Patrick FRILET

The Canary Islands, the region of Spain to see at the moment! Only 100km from the Moroccan coast. The Canary Islands, nothing to do with birds, on the other hand everything to do with wild dogs (canes) and seals also called sea dogs (cannis ...

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Tuscany: Villa Vignamaggio, the pearl of Chianti by Ludovic MAISANT

Film buffs know the Renaissance Villa Vignamaggio as the romantic setting for Kenneth Branagh's film Much Ado About Nothing. It was the home of the Mona Lisa's ancestors in the 14th century and is also one of the oldest wineries in Chianti; even the ...

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France: ViaRhona, an exceptional bicycle route by Christian MARTELET

An exceptional bicycle route, the ViaRhôna is a greenway that connects Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea for about 800 km. Accessible to all, this route along the Rhone is particularly suitable for children and families since it is safe and the ...

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A tour of France by bike

There is no doubt that cycling is a trend: there are plenty of bike rides and hikes in France. Greenways, small hidden roads, towpaths or wine routes allow, at a more leisurely pace, to appreciate landscapes, villages, monuments and castles, ...

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France: From Roscoff to Dunkirk by bike by Emmanuel BERTHIER

The French part of the Euro Vélo 4 is now arranged. The itinerary stretches from Dunkirk to Roscoff over 1400 kilometres of a coastal route designed to satisfy the hikers' desire for escape and thirst for culture, without forgetting to flatter their ...

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1722-2022: Easter Island, the cult of the birdman

Every year, during the first two weeks of February, the Tapati Rapa Nui celebrations allow the island's inhabitants to revive their traditions through sporting and craft events. On 5 April 1722, the island of Rapa Nui was discovered by the Dutch ...

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France: Cure of youth for suburban trains by Pascal AVENET

Created at the beginning of the 20th century, the SNCF Industrial Technicenter in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps specializes in the complete or partial renovation of suburban trains in the Île de France region (RER transilien), which doubles the lifespan of ...

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Corsica : Domaine de Murtoli, the wild luxury by Camille MOIRENCby Camille MOIRENC

In South Corsica, halfway between Sartene and Bonifacio, nestles a small paradise: the Domaine de Murtoli. 2500 hectares, 8 km of coastline, a long sandy beach, about twenty sheepfolds with private pools, a spa, a golf course, a farm, restaurants... ...

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