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Costa Rica : the chic of ecolodges

Champion of ecotourism, this small Latin American country is the favourite destination for nature lovers. On the Osa Peninsula, between jungle and Pacific Ocean, two luxurious ecolodges with opposing styles pamper couples on their honeymoon.
A ...

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France : the Jacques Coeur Road

Spread with castles and medieval cities, sprinkled with historical and artisanal traditions, the Berry is a place of turmoil. How can we find a common denominator for such a heritage ? By creating the Jacques Coeur Road, of course! The great ...

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France, Paris, A loft at the end of the world by Christophe Rouffio

Veronique and Philippe found their home port in this loft sheltered behind bamboos and Japanese maple trees. A country atmosphere floats in the heart of a working-class neighborhood in the capital city.
A feature of Christophe Rouffio to ...

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China : the fortress houses of the Hakka people

In China, in the Fujian region, the Hakkas live in extraordinary houses, real fortresses called Tulou. Some are over 600 years old. In the past, they could accommodate up to 700 people.
Listed as World heritage by Unesco in 2008, the round ...

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France, Paris, Symphony in major blue by Christophe Rouffio

The architect Olivia Charpentier has reengineered this traditional Haussmann apartment with great talent. Original, its color palette goes from periwinkle to indigo.
A feature of Christophe Rouffio to Hemis.fr
french text available.

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France, Paris, Second Empire by Christophe Rouffio

Husband and wife, Véronique and François are also partners in the interior design agency Véronique Cotrel, founded in 2010. Their Haussmann apartment reflects their talent and taste for renovations that respect the heritage while bringing a new ...

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