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HEMIS_3875818 - Grèce, Les Cyclades, île de Santorin (Thera ou Thira), village d'Oia - GARDEL Bertrand / hemis.fr

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France, Jura: A large family house by Frank Schmitt

It is a large building nestled in the heart of the most beautiful vineyards of the Jura, a house to be appropriated for a weekend or a week and which reveals a chic and sober decoration, worthy of the most beautiful family homes.

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Dams of the World: On the shoulders of giants

A round-the-world tour of dams that are an alternative and renewable source of energy, derived from the energy of large watersheds such as lakes or rivers. If some dams stand out for their exceptional dimensions or the sublime environment in which ...

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Winter in France: To boost the mood !

Despite closed ski areas, the resorts remain mobilized. Everywhere in France, numerous tips allow resorts to offer fun activities apart from downhill skiing: sledging, snowshoeing, fat bikes, Nordic skiing, dog sledding, Joëring skiing, air ...

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India: Sacred Colors by Tuul and Bruno MORANDI

Whether it is made of silk or cotton, the Sari is the most famous and oldest Indian women's clothing. Worn indifferently by the humblest as well as the most affluent for several centuries, its history almost merges with that of India. As early as ...

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France: Rastignac, the french White House by Jocelyn DE LAGASNERIE

Thomas JEFFERSON, then U.S. Ambassador to France, went to Bordeaux in 1789 and visited the school of architecture where the plans for the future Château de Rastignac were deposited. The castle was built 18 years before the White House took its ...

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France, Yonne: Private visit, welcome to Colette's house by Christophe Rouffio

It is in this house of Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye that Colette was born. The writer described it so much that it was enough to reread her work to revive the spirit of the place.

A special feature by Christophe Rouffio for Hemis.fr
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France county: Ile de France

The Ile de France may embrace Paris, but it remains a region unjustly misunderstood despite its virtues: on the natural side, it is the countryside near the city and on the cultural side, it is a string of historical sites and artistic ...

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France county: Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana

Whether Caribbean or Amazonian, these three French regions are territories that make the traveler dream. Rocked by the trade winds, Guadeloupe and Martinique reveal their sandy beaches, their volcanoes and their villages at the end of the world. ...

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France county: Reunion island and Mayotte island

On Reunion Island, nature explodes from all sides: lagoons, peaks, cliffs, cirques and volcanoes make the beauty of the Bourbon Island which reveals its richness, also, thanks to the incredible mix of its population. Further away, Mayotte the ...

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Favorites, Janvier 2021

Stop on Images : a selection of the latest productions by Hemis photographers.

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France: Transhumance shared by Pierre WITT

Before treading the alpine slopes at the head of a transhumant herd, Jo Boussion had many lives and many jobs. But rich of his past experiences, and far from the mage of the solitary and silent shepherd, he lives his new daily life through social ...

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France: The Biodiversarium of Banyuls-sur-Mer by Arnaud SPANI

At the same time aquarium and Mediterranean garden, the Biodiversarium of Banyuls-sur-Mer allows to propose an immersion in the seabed of the Natural Marine Reserve of Cerbère-Banyuls. The oldest Mediterranean aquarium in Europe is a unique space ...

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