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HEMIS_4101069 - France, Aveyron (12), parc naturel régional des Grands Causses, Millau, le viaduc de Millau des architectes Michel Virlogeux et Norman Foster, entre le Causse du Larzac et le Causse de Sauveterre au dessus du Tarn - GUY Christian / hemis.fr

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Portugal: South coast of the Algarve, a wild paradise by Bertrand GARDEL

Cliffs with striking geological shapes, beautiful green towns where it is good to stroll from one alley to another, small fishing villages with beaches protected by the imposing presence of medieval fortresses, the southern coast of the Algarve ...

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Northern Vosges: Discovering the stone sentinels by Bertrand RIEGER

In the heart of the forest of the Vosges du Nord Natural Park, the ruins of medieval castles emerge from the top of the forest massif, real stone vessels that follow the relief of pink sandstone still exploited today in the quarries of the ...

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1622-2022: 400th anniversary of Molière's birth

On the occasion of Molière's year, we propose you to find in this subject the key stages of the career of the French actor and playwright Jean-Baptiste POQUELIN, called Molière. Baptized in the church of Saint Eustache on January 15, 1622, the young ...

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Racetrack: The horse in power by Patrice HAUSER

A racecourse is a real hive of activity where many different professions are involved (trainers, trainers, farriers, grooms, veterinarians, jockeys, race stewards and even auctioneers) but where the only king is the horse. The racecourse of La ...

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The Belgian coast: The colourful north by Ludovic MAISANT

Over 70 km, from the Dutch border in the north to the French border in the south, stretches a fine sandy beach that is the pride of our Belgian neighbours. Facing the North Sea, the Belgian coast offers a Belle Epoque and Arty decor punctuated by ...

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Monts d'Ardèche Natural Park in winter by Matthieu DUPONT

More famous for its gorges than for its mountains, the Ardèche is nevertheless an authentic discovery in winter. In the Monts d'Ardèche Natural Park, winter activities are numerous: snowshoeing at Mont Gerbier de Jonc, downhill skiing at the cross ...

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Favorites, January 2022

Stop on Images : a selection of the latest productions by Hemis photographers.

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France: ViaRhona, an exceptional bicycle route by Christian MARTELET

An exceptional bicycle route, the ViaRhôna is a greenway that connects Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea for about 800 km. Accessible to all, this route along the Rhone is particularly suitable for children and families since it is safe and the ...

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France: The Flow Vélo, a cycle route in the spirit of the times by Bertrand RIEGER

The "Flow Vélo", often far from the asphalt, is a chic and bucolic bicycle route of 290 km, which starts in the east, at Thiviers in Dordogne, and goes west to reach the Ile d'Aix. A rural itinerary made of vineyards, rivers and rivers, with stops ...

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France: From Roscoff to Dunkirk by bike by Emmanuel BERTHIER

The French part of the Euro Vélo 4 is now arranged. The itinerary stretches from Dunkirk to Roscoff over 1400 kilometres of a coastal route designed to satisfy the hikers' desire for escape and thirst for culture, without forgetting to flatter their ...

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France: Mont Blanc, sentinel of global warming by Monica DALMASSO

The conquest of the Mont-Blanc massif is more than 200 years old. In 1786, the ascent of the roof of Europe was both a challenge and a scientific exploration. Today, more than ever, this glacial area is a research site for multiple disciplines ...

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Architectural Orientalism: a French passion

In the 19th century, Orientalism was an artistic movement that emerged in a remarkable way, accompanying the political and economic development of the great European powers, which were themselves turned towards the Orient. Colonial expansion and ...

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